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Mod Adult Jas Bachelorette - with a side of Adult Vincent 1.7

Oh, hey! It's not squicky anymore! Probably!

  1. randomAnon123
    Adult Jas Bachelorette.png
    This is not a sex mod.
    It will NEVER be a sex mod.
    But hey, at least she's legal now.

    Did you accidentally get lost while looking for a Vincent Marriage mod?
    Then check out Bachelor Vincent!

    ('Tis pretty well made)
    [​IMG] [VIDEO... REVIEW?]
    By Dragoon-BB/dragoonbb

    Check out his other reviews here and here!​
    - Adult sprite for both Jas and Vincent!
    - Custom portraits drawn by me!
    - Dating & Marriage!
    - Heart Events (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)!
    - Flower Dance & Kissing Compatibility!
    - Custom Dialogue (Normal, Festivals, In-laws)!
    - Married Schedule - Jas visits Marnie's Ranch once every week and is tutored by Penny on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday!
    - Slightly altered normal dialogue for both Jas and Vincent, so as to keep them somewhat consistently young adults. Or, well, I tried to.

    Make a back up of your Content folder and of your savefile. Extract the rar in your game folder and overwrite everything.

    The mod is working if the word "SINGLE" appears underneath Jas' name in the Social screen.
    If it doesn't:
    a) Try giving a gift to Jas, talking to her or going to bed;
    b) You might have made a mistake while installing.

    [​IMG] [WARNING]
    This mod is not compatible with other marriage mods and/or custom Jas portraits.


    - The spouse room for Jas will be empty and you won't be able to put stuff on the walls.
    That's because Jas doesn't have a spouse room in the game's code.
    If you want, you can use this mod to fix the problem.
    Make sure you have SMAPI before using this mod.
    * Now included in the Mega Folder itself, with everything already set up!
    (Still, go on the thread and leave a like if you're using the mod!)

    - During the wedding Lewis will call Jas your "husband". Why? Who knows? My guess is that Lewis is becoming senile.

    - During the wedding there'll be another Jas in the audience. Don't worry about her, she's actually the Wizard in disguise.

    Then check out the Walkthrough in the post on the official forums!

    Jas Marriage Mod - For all of you that want a slightly less violent waifu.
    Yandere Jas - For all of you that want a slightly more violent waifu.


    1. Comparisons Jas.png
    2. Comparisons Vince.png
    3. husband and husband.png
    4. Jas grownup_Alt4.png

Recent Updates

  1. Added Walkthrough

Recent Reviews

  1. dragoonbb
    Version: 1.7
    Finally the Jas marriage mod that people who may of had a problem with the normal Jas marriage mod may have been waiting for. As Jas somehow grew up overnight somehow.(I blame the wizard)That comes with everything you'd expect.With events that pretty much use aspects from Jas's normal dialogue and other NPC's to make well written events.