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SMAPI Advanced Location Loader 1.1.1

Helps modders modify the in-game locations!

  1. McCloud
    The first release of Advanced Location Loader, or ALL for short is now available!

    After extensive testing and much feature creep, I am now proud to release this mod to the public! :)

    Features Currently Available:
    • Add new locations
    • Replace existing locations
    • Change tiles in existing locations
    • Add tile properties to tiles in existing locations
    • Add warps to existing locations
    • Use greenhouse maps of any size, ALL handles teleporting people for you
    • Use ALL's custom minecart teleports system to create your own sets of minecart teleports
    • Add tilesheets to maps for use when editing tiles
    • Much more...
    Features in Development or Planning:
    • Change how overrides are handled
    • Add support for special location types (Greenhouse, Farm, FarmHouse) and anything that entails

    For a commented example manifest, please see the url below: