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Mod Bachelor Vincent 1.07v7

Yuck, what is this?

  1. U+1F347
    Bachelor Vincent
    Are you tired of venomous men and women draining you of your
    precious time, gold, and patience through tough to acquire presents?

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a well-meaning shota protecting you
    and your homestead for the paltry sum of a few grapes per week?

    Then Bachelor Vincent is the mod for you!​

    [​IMG] Features
    - Date & marry Vincent
    - Date & marry Yandere Vincent*
    Expanded portrait for more emotions
    - Expanded sprite for flower dance, marriage ceremony, and kiss compatibility
    - Fully rewritten and expanded dialogue
    - Custom 2, 10, and 13 heart events for Vincent
    - Marriage schedule: Vincent tutors with Jas and Penny on Tue/Wed/Fri
    - Inlaw dialogue lines for Kent, Jodi, and Sam
    - Alternate portraits to customize your marriage
    *An obsessive, unstable, and dangerous version of Vincent. Play at your own risk!

    [​IMG] Installation
    Backup your Content folder and save file, then extract the downloaded folder into your StardewValley game folder.

    This will override any other marriage mods or Vincent
    sprite/portrait replacements you have installed!

    If you intend to use one of the alternate portraits you can download the separate Alt_Portraits.zip and copy + overwrite the version you desire into your Content folder.

    [​IMG] Bugs

    [​IMG] Next Update

    • 4-heart event
    • Updated Vincent Sprite
    • New Portrait/Sprite

    If you run into any issues or have a suggestion for the mod, feel free to post in the thread or send me a message.



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Recent Reviews

  1. dragoonbb
    Version: 1.07v6
    Mod does exactly what says the main thing honestly being that it adds alot more personality to an NPC that really didn't have really any at all and the marrying part is a bonus just like with all the other already marriageable NPCs in the game you don't have to marry them if you don't want to.