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Mod Better RNG 1.7

Completely redefines the Random Number Generator to use a Mersenne Twister Generator for random happ

  1. McCloud
    • Completely redefines the Random Number Generator to use a Mersenne Twister Generator for random happenings. This cannot be turned off. If you understood how CA handles RNG in the base game you would understand why. Every other setting in this mod can be configured as wanted.
    • Randomizes daily luck every morning using the above method, and overrides the game's way of doing it.
    • Weather
    • Randomizes the next day's weather every morning based on the chance values in the config.
    • Sunny day chance
    • Cloudy (or light snow in Winter) day chance
    • Rainy day chance
    • Stormy day chance (thunder/lightning)
    • Blizzard chance
    • Note that the above 5 values do not need to total 100%. Chances for each are calculated relative to their other values.
    • Also note that some days of the game have hardcoded weather, meaning I cannot change the weather on those days (at least not yet). This will cause the weather channel to be wrong on those types of days. Normally, the weather channel will be correct though.
    • And in case anyone was wondering - it cannot snow outside of winter, and it cannot storm in winter.
    • Fishing Not working right now.
    • Fishing Treasure Override
    • Fishing Treasure Chance
    • Other Fishing Stuff
    This mod requires Storm, which can be found here.

    To install: Download the ZIP and extract the folder to %AppData%\StardewValley\Mods
    There should be a folder with the mod name for each mod, and the mod itself goes inside the folder.

Recent Reviews

  1. HangAllThieves
    Version: 1.7
    This mod is stolen from the original author and reposted without credit or permission.