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SMAPI CJB Item Spawner 1.4

A simple in-game item spawner menu.

  1. Jaxson
    A simple in-game item spawner menu.


    How to use:
    - Press the "i" button on your keyboard to open the menu.
    - Change item quality: Simply hover over the item you want to change and hold left-shift, then use the mousewheel to increase or decrease the quality level.

    How to install:

    Make sure you have SMAPI 0.37.2+ installed Click Here.

    Extract the download and place "CJBItemSpawner.dll" in the mods folder.

    v1.2 (17-Mar-2016)

    - Added: Another crapload of missing items.
    - Added: Show sell price when you hover over an item.
    - Fixed: Wallpapers and floors now added to your inventory.
    - Fixed: Spawned TV's not working.

    v1.1 (16-Mar-2016)

    - Added: New category "Decorating" (contains furniture, floors, wallpapers, decors).
    - Added: Hats and Boots to equipment category.
    - Fixed: Slingshots.
    - Fixed: Darker background in menu.

    v1.0 (15-Mar-2016)

    - First release

Recent Updates

  1. Updating to latest version

Recent Reviews

  1. TerraMark
    Version: 1.4
    Really helpful mod that allows you to build your farm without worrying to get/make stuff you need to build your dream farm.