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SMAPI Configurable Improved Sprinklers + Scarecrow and Sprinklers area Highlights 1.0

This mod allow you to make your sprinklers water in whatever shape you want, and add area highlights

  1. GreysHouse
    This mod improves the existing sprinklers and let you configure them to your liking, it also has highlight area for scarecrows and sprinklers.


    The config hotkey is "K", you can edit it in your config file. Sadly, there is no way to edit the hotkey in-game (yet).
    As for how the mod works: It adds extra watering area to the existing sprinklers, it can't remove watering area from the existing sprinklers though.
    The idea for this mod originally was only to improve the normal sprinkler, that is pretty terrible, and for optimal use requires a non-standard farm organization that cause collision issues with the main character.
    The 1.x version was rewritten entirely for this 2.0 release, to support future sprinkler mods, UI-based configuration, and other nice features, including autobalance.


    • Default sprinkler shapes allow more flexibility in farm layouts.
    • You can use any shape you want, literally.
    • Infinite sprinkler range (requires editing the config file manually though, not recommended).
    • Automatic balancing, sprinkler monetary value, and crafting cost increase as you increase the sprinkler area, ensuring the game stay balanced.
    • You CAN cheat though, in two different ways, but I won't explain how, this is for the more adventurous people to mess with.
    • When placing sprinklers or scarecrows you can a highlight of the area they cover.
    • After pressing a hotkey (default, F3) you can also see highlight of the areas when hovering the cursor over existing sprinklers and scarecrows.


    Press K, edit what you want, and click OK.

    Examples of what can be done:



    Butterfly Shape (like real world sprinklers)


    The sprinklers activate at night, like the normal game rules.

    There is a feature that highlight scarecrow effect area, and sprinkler area, it is always on when you are going to place them, and can be turned on and off for ones that you are only hovering your cursor over them, the default button in the configuration is F3.



    Just unpack the .zip file in the mods folder.


    Just delete the mod files again.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SharpShot.gif
    Version: 1.0
    Great mod I love the highlighting it makes the placement a lot more easyer