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SMAPI Extended Fridge 0.91f

SMAPI Extended Fridge with 144 slots

  1. Mystra007
    Currently done
    • Fridge allows up to 4 pages of items (so that's 144 items)
    • The fridge and all pages of items works with crafting recipes
    • The content of the fridge is loaded/saved into the normal game save without issues
    • Scroll between pages of items using the arrows keys
    • When adding/removing an item display the page the item was added/removed from
    • Detect when the fridge menu is exited
    • Save in a per-save SMAPI config so the user can edit his fridge
    • Display page # above the inventory UI DONE
    • Less fragile fridge detection code
    • Compatibility with gamepad/joystick
    • Rebinding previous page/next page keys
    • Click buttons to change pages DONE
    Future plans
    • Use the same technique to make bigger chests
    • Compatibility with chest labels mod
    • Compatibility with mods that change the ItemGrabMenu
    Doesn't work if you changed or if a mod changed the location of the fridge in your farm house.


    1. page1.jpg
    2. page2.jpg