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Mod Farm House Retexture/Replacement 2.0

Retexture of Farm House, zip includes multiple color varieties.

  1. zcsnightmare
    Finished up and improved the original retexture of the exterior farm house


    -Put houses.xnb into \Stardew Valley\Content\Buildings
    -Nothing special needed
    *Backup included*

    taintedwheat's recolors!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    *Special thanks to Vixxi for sound advice on proper recoloring*
    *And to taintedwheat for the great recolors*

    *Credits to modders/sprite rippers/creators for putting up a couple of tilesets free of use (would put their name, but none was available). Tilesets were heavily modified, recolored, and changed up quite a bit during the making of these retextures. (Redesigned houses were custom made from the ground up) ^.^ But still a shoutout to their work I used as inspiration!

    Also available here...

Recent Updates

  1. Redesigned Houses to fix several issues

Recent Reviews

  1. Tese
    Version: 2.0
    My house is perfect Thanks so much I got the red one but I may switch them up once and awhile to fit the season :)