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SMAPI Get Dressed 2016-04-19

Adds a character customization menu option to a dresser in your farmhouse.

  1. Jinxiewinxie

    This is another mod brought to you by Advize and Jinxiewinxie.

    Requires SMAPI 0.39.6 or later.

    It adds a dresser with a mirror to the bedroom in each of the farmhouse upgrades. You can right click on the dresser to open up a Character Customization menu that let's you change your appearance. Additionally, about 110 new accessories have been added (they are mostly lipsticks and blushes).

    Here's a .gif showing the mod in action:


    Download Here on the Nexus (just click the file name or "download manually". Ensure you are using SMAPI 0.39.6 or above.

    Installation Instructions:

    • Download the mod
    • Extract the archive
    • Go to AppData\Roaming\StardewValley
    • Add the folder inside the Mods folder
    To use:
    Just start your game using StardewModdingAPI.exe, and a config file will be created when you first load up the game.

    You can set the limit on the accessories you see (if you don't want 129 options, haha).

    For example:

    You can change this
    "totalAccessories": 128

    To this
    "totalAccessories": 19

    and you'll see only the base-game accessories.

    If you'd like to change the accessories file or add to it, feel free! Put your updated accessories.xnb in the Mod folder and make sure to change the totalAccessories number in the config file to a higher number (to match however many new accessories you've added) so that you can see those new accessories in game.

    NONE! This was Jinxiewinxie's brainchild because she really, really wanted to add more accessories to the game. The base game is hard-coded to show only 20, even if you extend the accessory image/file to include more. The only work-around was to create a brand new character customization menu and change the default total number of accessories in that. Ta da!

    4/19 1.0
    Initial Release