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Mod Goat Stray Pixel Fix 1.1

Fixes the stray pixel from the goat idling animation

  1. GreysHouse

    Fixes the stray pixel of the goat's rear-facing idle animation. Not compatible with any other goat mods.

    One of the sprites in the original sprite sheet is shifted over by a pixel. I just pushed it back so it fits in its own tile.

    • First, back up your Stardew Valley\Content\Animals\Goat.xnb file!
    • You can do this by simply renaming it to Goat.xnb.backup, or by copying it to a different folder.

    • Extract files into your main Stardew Valley directory. For steam installs, this is by default: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\
    • If you install to the correct directory, the files will be merged into the correct folder.
    • Select 'yes' for any file overwrite prompts.


    • Navigate to your Stardew Valley\Content\Animals folder.
    • Delete the modified .xnb file.
    • Restore your backup!
    • If you did not make a backup, you can have steam "Verify the integrity of your game cache," but this may remove other mods as well.

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