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SMAPI Horse Whistle (Teleport) 1.0

Teleports your horse to your farmer's current location.

  1. nabuma
    Upon pressing the "V" key your horse will teleport to you.

    This mod requires SMAPI to work, to download and add SMAPI to your Stardew Valley game see: https://github.com/ClxS/SMAPI#installation

    Compatible with SMAPI 0.39.2

Recent Reviews

  1. TerraMark
    Version: 1.0
    Love this mod but would be more awesome if there is actually an audio with whistle. Also love you're able to call horse indoors :)
    1. nabuma
      Author's Response
      During my testing I have been able to call my horse indoors? Maybe give it a go.
      It's probably not a good idea to call the horse indoors as it is not intended to be possible by the game but I myself haven't ran into any problems.