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WIP Kayoko's Forge - Weapon Retextures 1.1

Retextures vanilla weapons into various types, all weapons will have a unique feeling to them!

  1. KayokoSalsaa

    (NOTICE: This mod is a Work in Progress and currently does not have re-textures for all of the weapons, yet. Some weapons may get some changes in the future if I deem them necessary, if you have any suggestions then feel free to leave them here or on the SDV forum topic. Scroll down below for weapon previews.)

    This is a mod that aims to re-texture all of the vanilla weapons into more unique ones that feel a bit more fitting or unique in design. Whether you wield the ever powerful Galaxy Sword or even an Iron Dirk these newly re-textured weapons will look to bring something that everyone can enjoy.

    Current weapons done:

    • Carving Knife
    • Iron Dirk
    • Obsidian Edge
    • Lava Katana
    • Neptune's Glaive
    • Dark Sword
    • Galaxy Sword
    • Holy Blade
    • Wooden Blade
    • Galaxy Dagger
    • Burglar's Shank
    • Rusty Sword
    • Steel Smallsword
    • Galaxy Hammer

    Future goals:

    • Rest of the weapons
    • Possibly tools will be re-textured after the weapons (eventually)

    Carving Knife

    Iron Dirk

    Lava Katana

    Obsidian Edge

    Dark Sword

    Galaxy Sword

    Galaxy Dagger

    Neptune's Glaive

    Holy Blade

    Wooden Blade

    Burglar's Shank

    Rusty Sword

    Steel Smallsword

    Galaxy Hammer

    Installation Instructions

    -Download the mod
    -Locate your TileSheets folder (ex. Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Tilesheets)
    -Be sure to BACKUP your weapons.xnb in case you wish to revert back
    -Replace the weapons.xnb in the TileSheets folder with this one

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1 Update