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Mod New and Improved Hairstyles 1.7

Improvements to existing hairstyles for both genders and some new ones.

  1. Spriter
    Minor improvements to certain existing hairstyles for both male and females.
    Also includes 3 new hairstyles.

    Hairstyles were made more full and consistent with other views. Some of the original hairstyles are very flat and small in proportion to the head so I decided to make some edits. Hope you like them :)

    Will add more edits in the future! Very soon.
    I do take requests and suggestions! Also working on more NEW hairstyle ideas.

    New Hairstyles:
    New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-1.png New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-2.png New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-3.png
    These hairs are packaged with the rest of the improved hairstyles.

    Improved Existing Hairstyles:

    Hair 32 Before:
    New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-6.png New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-7.png New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-8.png
    Hair 32 After:
    New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-9.png New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-10.png [​IMG]
    Hair 29 Before:
    Hair 29 After:

    Hair 19: Before & After

    . This mod replaces the original hairstyles.xnb. Please make a backup of the original file if necessary.
    . Unzip or extract the hairstyles.xnb file after downloading.
    . Place the file into the Stardew Valley folder under Content\Characters\Farmer and replace hairstyles.xnb.

    Due to the nature of hairstyles file, there will be several BALD hairstyles. This is normal!
    Thanks for downloading!

    • [Version 1.7] 3/30: Hair 19-front Edit and 1 New Hairstyle.
    • [Version 1.5] 3/27: Small edit to Hair29-side. New Hairstyles (Karen & Tifa) added.
      Karen (Harvest Moon) Inspired Hair
      Tifa (Final Fantasy) Inspired Hair
    • [Version 1.3] 3/25: New update for Hair 29, More volume!
    • [Version 1.2] 3/20: New update for Hair 32, An overhaul
    • [Version 1.0] 3/19: Hairstyles Improved
      Hair 1: side view
      Hair 2: side view
      Hair 5: front view
      Hair 8: side view
      Hair 25: side view
      Hair 28: side view


    1. New-and-Improved-Hairsyles-Stardew-Valley-Mod-5.png