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Mod Nightmare's Tool Retextures 2.0

Retextured Tools, Alternative Iridium Tool Sets

  1. zcsnightmare
    Watering Cans recolored to match sets.
    Now includes several different options for alternative retextured Iridium Tools.

    (This pic is a bit fuzzy)

    Diamond Axe In-game Example

    Bubblegum Iridium Tool set

    Vanilla compared to retextures (don't worry, I just didn't sort them right, but the proper retextures go to the proper tools)
    How to Install:
    -Transfer downloaded tools.xnb into folder \Stardew Valley\Content\TileSheet
    -Start Game!

    Also available on

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  1. Tools Retextured Iridium Tools Pack

Recent Reviews

  1. Tese
    Version: 2.0
    They were too light to see ( I went bubble gum) then I tried dark blue and they still looked funky to me. Love your graphics though :)