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Mod Nightmare's Weapon Retextures 2.0

Retextures for weapons

  1. zcsnightmare
    Retextured all the swords, some of the hammers/clubs, most daggers. Remaining ones are either not hardly used or can't be obtained by normal means. (Though, I retextured a few things you can't normally obtain ingame)

    How to Install:
    - (If you downloaded the ModPack) Choose which GS version's folder you'd like (pic included for reference)
    -Transfer downloaded weapons.xnb into folder \Stardew Valley\Content\TileSheet
    -Start Game!

    *Download includes a backup of vanilla weapons.xnb*

    Added a retexture Pack that includes all Optional GS files and original retextures. ^.^
    Oldest - Newest
    Energy Sword
    Soul Edge
    Link's Master Sword
    Halo's Energy Sword
    Galaxy Hammer as Galaxy Sword (incase you prefer it)
    Kewt Sword ^.^
    Heart Sword


    (Left - Right: Halo Energy Sword, Chainsaw, Link's Master Sword, Heart Sword, Kewt Sword, Energy Blade, Soul Edge)


    If you like another sword's retexture and would like it as the Galaxy Sword's, feel free to ask. May not get to it right away, but it should be fairly short wait if you aren't familiar with xnb_node where you could do it yourself.
    In-Game Shots

    Also available on
    Chucklefish Forum