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SMAPI No Soil Decay 0.5

Plan your farm ahead of time

  1. GreysHouse
    With this mod active your tilled soil (fertilised or not) will never decay overnight. To remove tilled soil you have to break it with your Pickaxe. Good for layout planning!

    Source: https://github.com/ThatNorthernMonkey/NoSoilDecay


    SMAPI 0.39.2
    Mod Files (attached)

    Place the NoSoilDecay folder and contents in your %appdata%/StardewValley/Mods folder.

    Let me know of any bugs or problems in here. Built against latest Storm, so you may need to update!

    v0.4 - 12/03/2015
    Fixed some time-related things. [minor]

    v0.3 - 12/03/2015
    Fixed bug that was preventing the mod working across multiple different saves.

    v0.2 - 12/03/2015
    Fixed major bug that was preventing the restoration of tiles between new game sessions. Updated to latest Storm.

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  1. TerraMark
    Version: 0.4
    Need SMAPI support