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SMAPI Noverwrite 1.0.0

Salvage saves from previous days in case you want to backtrack.

  1. Hawkuro
    Are you not the kind of player who likes how Stardew Valley saves work?

    Had a panic after a failure of a day had lasting repercussions on your farm, town, or relationships?

    Well you can now rest easy knowing that you can now backtrack to the previous day, and any previous day during which you've had this mod running.

    In comes Noverwrite.

    Noverwrite (verb): To salvage the previous day's save game into another file so that it will not be overwritten (no overwrite => noverwrite).

    Have the game noverwrite your old save on a given day interval (can be every day) at a set time in-game (only way to be sure game has finished saving). If you have it set to not keep every single day, you can set the day offset as well.

    I threw this together in a couple of days after messing up a day and finding that the previous day's save was thankfully still there. First thing I thought was "I should automate this."

    • Requires Stardew Valley version 1.07
    • Requires SMAPI (created with version 0.40.0)
    Download link:

    Set up:
    • Drag the mod folder (Noverwrite folder containing Noverwrite.dll) into your [Stardew Valley folder]\Mods folder
    • (Optional) Configure the mod using config.json
    • Enjoy not worrying about your save being overwritten if you make a mistake

    Did I mention it's open source?

    Source code:

    Happy forking!

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