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SMAPI NPC Map Locations 1.2

Shows NPC locations on Map real-time

  1. More immersion settings, added compatibility with some NPC mods

    more immersion settings, include/exclude extra NPCs (traveling merchant) and comptability for NPC mods that give schedules to NPCs who don't normally move around.
  2. New Menu, Immersion Settings, Show NPC Options, Fixed Bug when Menu Background Enabled

    Pretty big update, took awhile because I was trying to figure out creating all the menu stuff.

    The 'Tab' key is now used to access the new mod menu (while the map is open), instead of switching NPC name tooltip placements.
    I tried to add a way to customize which key to use for opening the menu; however, in the current set up, you can only access the menu while the map is open. This is better for creating less conflicts with other keys used to open other menus. If you want to change...
  3. Bug fixes, some adjustments to map

    small update
  4. Updated download URL

    Also fixed a bug where NPCs wouldn't show up on the map if the player was married.
  5. updated 0.39.2 version, minor changes

    Note that I will probably no longer update SMAPI 0.39.2 after this.
  6. proper layering of textures, dyanamic tooltips

    NPC markers are now properly layered to be below the tooltip.

    Tooltips now follow the mouse and are dynamic. To vote on the placement of the tooltip, please go to the link in additional information.
  7. New feature and more bug fixes

    More bug fixes and a new feature to show where NPCs are when they are stacked in one location. A textbox appears on the bottom left corner of the map when you hover over an NPC or stack of NPCs....
  8. Further improvements on tracking, bug fixes, no more external files for markers, code optimizations

    - NPC tracking more accurate, by creating even more partitions and doing all the tedious calculations. I ditched the idea of altering the map page to better scale with the game map because I don't think people want to be bothered to download the map to replace the default map page.

    - On the note of not being bothered to download extra things, you no longer have to download NPCMarkers! This means you can delete the NPCMarkers stuff in your Content/Characters folder if you had it previously....
  9. Code optimizations, bug fixes

    Fixed a bug when Kent returned to town in Year 2. Code has been optimized.

    Getting closer and closer to a stable release! Just have to work on fixing aesthetics (properly layering the hovertext over the npc markers) and implementing a feature or two.
  10. All zoom levels & resolutions* now supported

    Did not test certain resolutions like 1920 x 1080, please let me know if the UI is affected.