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Mod PokeFish 2.2.0

PokéFish is a mod that changes all the fish in the game into Pokémons.

  1. McCloud
    PokéFish is a mod that changes all the fish in the game into Pokémons. Not only that, but names and item descriptions have been updated as well to complete the package. One thing of note, fish like Clams, Oysters ETC. that you pick up off the beach, for whatever reason, don't have their names changed, but the item descriptions are changed.

    springobjects.xnb goes under Maps.
    Fish.xnb and ObjectInformation.xnb go under Data.

    EDIT: For some reason, trying to look at Mantyke's description doesn't work properly. If trying to look at it without SMAPI it crashes the game, and with SMAPI it just doesn't bring it up.

    EDIT 2: It's been brought to my attention that more than just Mantyke's description, such as Red-Stripe Basculin, Psyduck and Luvdisc, are also bugged in such a way that you can even click on them to remove them from the inventory. As of now, I don't know what causes it, but please leave a comment if you find another fish than this that doesn't work right. In the meantime, here's a way to get it out of your inventory:

    Step 1: Emtpy the rest of your inventory
    Step 2: Hit the Organize button so that the fish end up in the main item bar.
    Step 3: Scroll to that item with the mouse wheel so that you're holding it.
    Step 4: Eat the item or dump it into the shipment box next to your house by clicking on it.

    I appologize for the inconvenience and any troubles this may have caused, I am still looking into why this is even happening in the first place.

    EDIT 3: As far as I can tell, the broken Pokémons have been fixed, and a new download's been uploaded with the new files. Also, I've gone and swapped Gyarados and Huntail's sprites and descriptions because having Gyarados as Mutant Carp fit better. If you're still running into issues, let me know and keep using the above 'fix' method in the meantime.

    EDIT 4: Turns out there were still bugs on both Feebas and Basculin Red, but I was able to get those fixed. Version 2.1 seems like it should be the last version, but as always please let me know if there's another bug or crash that happens.

    Edit 5: Out of nowhere, Basculin is showing as bugged on my end so I've done more testing and this should work. Hopefully.