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Mod Shiba Inu Pet 1.0

Turns dog pet into a Shiba Inu

  1. Bouhm
    Tried to stay true to the game art style. If you have any suggestions to make it look better, please let me know!

    Go to {directory containing StardewValley game}\Content\Animals and replace dog.xnb.

    It is recommended that you make a copy of the default file in case you want to switch back to the vanilla dog.

    I know the portrait doesn't change. You have to change another file to make this work, but I can tell you that it is very impractical, because this one file contains images for a whole bunch of other things. Which means if you have other mods that change this one file, then you will lose all of that unless you manually edit the file.


Recent Reviews

  1. MetalTheory
    Version: 1.0
    He's a cute 'lil guy.
    [Need to add updated dog face icon in Inventory menu tab.]
    1. Bouhm
      Author's Response
      So I dug through all of the game files and finally found where the pet portraits are. And I discovered that it's actually rather impractical to change this file because of potential incompatibility with other mods that also change this file :(. This file is one huge file that contains images for a bunch of other things, including buildings, backgrounds, minigames, scenery, farm animals, menu icons, etc. So if people don't want to lose other mods that make changes to this file, they have to manually edit the file to replace just the portrait.

      Thanks for pointing it out to me though! I might still have it be an optional download if people don't have other conflicts mods installed.
  2. TerraMark
    Version: 1.0
    Doge is love, Doge is life