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SMAPI Simple Sprinkler 1.4

Simple Sprinkler changes the way sprinkler water your soil.

  1. Giambro
    Simple Sprinkler changes the way sprinkler water your soil.
    You can chose between patterns and configure the range of the three sprinklers.

    Currently available pattern (sample with first sprinkler):

    Requires SMAPI

    1. Install ModAPI (Link above)
    2. Place SimpleSprinkler.dll and manifest.json in %APPDATA%/StardewValley/Mods/SimpleSprinkler folder
    3. [SMAPI] Start "StardewModdingAPI.exe"
    3. [STORM] Start "StormLoader.exe"

    Start the ModdedGame once:
    Config will be generated into "<GameFolder>/Mods/SimpleSprinkler/Config.ini"

    Locations = Farm,Greenhouse
    This will limit the locations in which this mod works, if you don't want to
    have Simple Sprinkler active in the Greenhouse just remove it (and the ,)

    SprinklerConfiguration = 599/2,621/3,645/5
    This can be used to either change the range of the sprinklers or
    to add even more objects to have them behave like sprinklers.
    e.g. you could add the scaregrow to this list and it will behave just like a sprinkler :D
    Format: objectID/Range
    SprinklerConfiguration = 599/2,621/3,645/5,8/100
    This will add the scarecrow as a sprinkler with a range of 100

    CalculationMethod = 2
    This can be used to change the pattern of the sprinklers.
    0 = Vanilla
    1 = Box
    2 = Circle
    Version 1.3+
    3 = Horizontal Line
    4 = Vertical Line

Recent Reviews

  1. TerraMark
    Version: 1.4
    Works perfectly