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SMAPI Skullcave Saver 1.0

Saves your progress in the skull cave every X floors (X is configurable).

  1. Giambro
    Saves your progress in the skull cave every X floors (X is configurable). When you return, it will warp you to your last saved level.


    The zip contains one folder, SkullCaveSaver, with two files SkullCaveSaver.dll and manifest.json. The folder must be placed in %appdata%\StardewValley\Mods.

    Thus, the total path for both of the files required for this mod to function are:



    Upon running the mod for the first time and loading a game, the folder psconfigs will be created. Inside that will be your config file for each save game.

    REQUIRES SMAPI 0.39+ to be installed!


    Run StardewModdingAPI.exe in your main Stardew Valley folder. This will load the mods and then start the game.

    As you progress in the Skull Cave, your level will be saved every X floors, where X is defined by SaveLevelEveryXFloors in the config. By default, this is 5, so your level will be saved once you pass floor 5, 10, 15, etc. It saves if you've made it to that level or past it, so you can fall down holes and not worry about skipping a save level. For example, falling from level 6 to level 11 without specifically hitting level 10 will still save your last level as 10.

    Please note that this game uses SMAPI 0.39+'s new per-save config system. Your config file is specific to your save. This allows me to save your mine progress individually for each save file you're using.

    To find your config file, look in the psconfigs folder within your mod folder (full path %appdata%\StardewValley\SkullCaveSaver\psconfigs. There you will find a file that looks like [YOUR SAVE NAME]_[LOTS OF NUMBERS].json Inside are the following options:

    "LastMineLevel": 0,
    "SaveLevelEveryXFloors": 5

    LastMineLevel, which defaults to 0. This is the deepest level of the mine that the mod has saved. Edit this only if you want to skip ahead a number of levels. The skull cave starts on level 121.
    SaveLevelEveryXFloors, which defaults to 5. This is how often the mod will save your cave level. It defaults to 5, like in the mine, where the elevator appears every five levels. You can set this as low as 1 to save your progress every level.

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  1. TerraMark
    Version: 1.0
    Works as it should