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Mod [SMAPI 0.37+] Automatic Open/Close Animal Doors at specific Time 1.1

Automatic Open/Close Animal Doors at specific Time

  1. Phate
    Hey guys it's me again!

    Today I coded something by request from this Thread: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/auto-close-open-barn-and-coop-gates.109436/

    The Mod closes on a specific Time of Day all your Animal Doors! You can change the Time in the Config File, but you should leave the Timing standard because it could close the door before your animals get out.

    The Config File is self pretty explanatory.

    Please report all Bugs in this Thread! Thanks!

    Make sure to check if your Animals are in Coop before Door closes or they get bad Mood! I'm not responsible for Dead/Unhappy Animals!

    Bad Cut im sorry but it opens at the end :D