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API SMAPI: Stardew Modding API 0.40.0 pre

A Modding API For Stardew Valley

  1. Admin
    What is SMAPI
    SMAPI (Stardew Mapping Application Programming Interface) is a tool to help modders make changes to Stardew. It is a standalone executable which goes alongside your Stardew.exe.

    Version 0.40.0 pre-release
    0.40.0 pre-release for Stardew Valley 1.07.

    To install SMAPI:

    To install mods:

    • To install mods just download the mod's .DLL file, and place it in %appdata%\StardewValley\Mods. SMAPI will take care of the rest!
    Future Plans
    • Content only mods
    • Support for a wide range of events
    • Enable the addition of new custom content such as locations, NPCs, and items.
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  1. 0.40.0 pre-release for Stardew Valley 1.07.
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  1. NachoDevs
    Version: 0.37
    This is going to help me a lot, great job!