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SMAPI Speeder’s Slower Fence Decay Mod 1.0

This mod makes fences decay slower, but without disabling it completely

  1. GreysHouse
    Speeder’s Slower Fence Decay Mod
    This is a fairly simple mod for the game Stardew Valley, it makes the game fences decay slower.


    The game has a bug with the fences.

    The game source for example shows that Wood Fences were supposed to last 1 month, 28 days, but the formula that calculates time is wrong, and makes them decay about a 2 days every night.

    The bug can’t be fixed, but this mod that makes the fence decay more interesting overall:

    All fences, get a bonus to their initial health, it can range from usually doubling their health (hard wood for example starts with about 240 health, my mod adds about 210 health to them at least), to tripling, but with the luck HEAVILY slanted toward the first (there is about 14% of chance of getting the mininum value, and only 0.000something of getting the maximum…).

    This should make fences less bothersome, not only breaking less, but not breaking all at once either, and is slightly more realistic too.


    Just unpack the .zip file in the mods folder.


    Just delete the mod files again.