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Tool StarDew Valley ModManager(SDVMM) 1.4g

ModManager that as of now supports XNB/SMAPI and Storm (needs testing)

  1. yuuki
    StarDew Valley ModManager or SDVMM is an basic ModManager for Stardew Valley.

    As of now it support:

    - installing and updating of SMAPI
    - Installing,deactivating as well as deleting of Smapi mods
    - XNB mods as of now can only be installed and deletet in which case the programm will restore the last version of the file
    - it can launch SMAPI,Storm and StarDew itself if wished


    How to Use video! (Credits to IDEDOnline)


Recent Updates

  1. added self-update -credits to MidgetMan
  2. bug fix
  3. bug fixes