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Mod The Amazing Deathicron! 1.0

Replaces the Boring Horse with the Amazing Deathicorn!

  1. Rgbunpro
    Have you ever wanted a Deathicorn!? What? No? Oh. Well this is awkward...

    This mod replaces the boring vanilla horse with the amazing Deathicorn! The Deathicorn isn't by any means a regular horse, we're not even sure if it's a robot or not! The Deathicorn is capable of doing amazing things! It never sleeps, so you'll always have a guardian for your farm! The Deathicorn can shoot lasers from it's horn! (**Disclaimer, does not actually shoot lasers**) The Deathicorn is on fire! (Literally) Replace your boring horse with a Deathicorn today!

    20160502170929_1.jpg 20160502170940_1.jpg 20160502170949_1.jpg horse.png