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Mod Through the Woods 1.10

Travel through the woods to get places quicker!

  1. McCloud
    Take shortcuts through the woods! This mod was designed to get you places faster. I intend to fix this up a bit later but for now, here is an alpha version.


    Note that some of the seasonal flowers and plants show up around the map in random places. Some layers need adjusted here and there, you're able to walk over them but they show layered above your character. Still figuring out how to fix this along with cutting down trees. I hadn't had enough time to work on it so I'll try to get a new version up eventually. Take this as an alpha, I plan to create all-new areas possibly with personalized tilesets if I ever get that far.

    I want to add that you do NOT need to overwrite:

    Farm Expansion
    • FarmExtension.xnb (8 kb)

    (this was a in the works but became a disregarded test file and not meant to be added to this file.)

    You WILL need to overwrite:

    • Farm.xnb (145 kb)

    NOTE: I use the default layout that comes with Tegos Stardew Expansion.



    If you hadn't manually changed it in the past you shouldn't have any problems.

    Be sure to install this mod after the required files.
    Also note that the files within the mod folders of the archive may be in subfolders I created differing slightly from their original names.

    There are a few known bugs:

    - You can't go through the back yard fence while riding your horse yet.
    - The forest in the upper-left of your farm goes nowhere yet.
    - A few layer problems here and there.
    - While traveling to the Farm Expansion, going down the middle of the path has the potential of getting your character stuck in a rock. Either steer clear of that or use warp if you use CJB Cheats Menu.

    NEW VERSION: 1.0-