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Mod Yandere Jas - A Bachelorette Mod 1.7.0

Jas seems slightly more unhinged than the last time you married her...

  1. HeirofGeneCoFoopShilo
    Version: 1.7.0
    Can't deal with Abigails faux rebel attitude? Penny a little too sad? Don't want to hold Maru back from her studies? And wow there are alot of characters to romance in this game. Point is none of the characters in the game were truly jealous and clingy now we have Jas and yet somehow she can fillet a person and still is innocent about other things which is weirdly charming.
  2. dragoonbb
    Version: 1.7.0
    Have you ever wanted to be stalked by someone in a totally creepy/ murderous way and apparently just didn't want Jas liking you but liking to in a defiantly not healthy way unlike the modders previous mod? Well this mod is for you! Experience the roller coaster of watching someone like you turn into an obsession like in those anime's, with violence totally not included(well maybe a little.) and watch as your character just go with whatever Jas wants to probably not get stabbed in the pancreas. Oh...Also you can marry Jas....I guess....If she doesn't stab you in the pancreas first.