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Hello, i simply registered to complain

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ryuuze, Jul 13, 2016.


Is modthievery okay?

  1. No, disrepecting people's hard work is not okay in any way. (Thank you)

  2. Yes, they are making them so people can use them anyways. (I'm part of the problem)

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  1. Ryuuze

    Ryuuze New Member

    Jun 10, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Hello there, the issue is very simple, a mod thief has been on this forum for a while now, i attempted to contact the admin through the "Contact Us" thing and even attempted to see if the twitter profile could see anything, but all to no avail...

    The modthief is called McCloud, he has stolen several author's work without permission and even posted without credit, as though it's all his own.. this is actually a copyright infringement, which is forbidden according to this site's Terms and Rules, take a look
    (link to picture: http://prntscr.com/bsjfao )
    So if you would kindly take this down immediatly, i would be happy... While we're here anyways, i will say that i have no intention of posting nor allowing anyone whatsoever to post my content on this website, ever. (thanks to this case, i've already stopped sharing all my mods completely- i mean, why should i? Someone is just gonna steal it anyways... Since i primarily make mods for myself, i don't need to share them, it was just me being kind...)

    P.S.: If you're upset that i'm posting this so blatantly, then you should have reacted when you were asked to remove these mods several weeks ago, this is worse than Bethesda's ignorance of the modding community, read more about that over on the nexus if you want to hear how bad that was.

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