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Possible Hardcore Stardew Valley Mod

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Bunk, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Bunk

    Bunk New Member

    Apr 8, 2016
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    So recently I had an idea. A Magical mischievous idea. After breezing through Stardew on my first try I wanted a challenge, so I gave myself a few limitations for my second playthrough. I wanted to make those limitations into one "Hardcore Mode" mod, but I have no idea how or where to influence these specific features so I will list what I am doing as a hardcore mode in hopes that one of you will either A) Make it outright, or B) assist me in finding everything I need to make it myself. Think of it like a Hardcore Minecraft playthrough, or a Nuzlocke.

    1) Losing all your health is a lose condition
    2) Falling asleep outside of your farm area is a lose condition
    3) If a crop goes 2 days without watering it withers
    4) if an animal goes 2 days without eating it "dies"

    So far I have recorded my first week of this playthrough with myself enforcing these rules, I just think it would be neat if the game could keep track of it for me.
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