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Soul Island

Discussion in 'General / Off Topic' started by TrashyVerse, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. TrashyVerse

    TrashyVerse New Member

    Aug 1, 2016
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    You’re an archaeologist professor who lives on the mainland far away from the game’s main setting. You receive/find a map that tells you about an island that has mysterious things happening to it, you’re interested enough in this place to quit your job as a teacher and travel to the island only to find that it’s just a ‘seemingly normal island with an eerie atmosphere’.

    Upon arriving on the Island you meet a man who seems to be the elected leader of the town, he explains his brother is actually the real mayor but he is ruined with wealth and greed. He doesn’t care much about anyone other than himself and his money, and has left the town and its farm to ruins. The old farmer passed away a few years ago and the farm has become useless.

    There have been numerous reports of evil spirits attacking the townsfolk, even the mayor’s brother’s niece has said that she’s been attacked and seen her father assaulted by the monsters but her father refuses to admit it. The mayor’s brother asks if you’ll help restore the town to its former glory and help revive the old farm. He gives you the old farmer’s tools and his old fencing sword (assuming there are monsters you can defend yourself with said weapon).

    Monsters will attack you at night. The monsters that will come onto your farm are most likely ‘fodder’ monsters and can just use a basic ‘A’ attack like movement. These monsters cannot be talked to, or befriended or interacted with at all aside from the fact you MUST defend yourself or run into your house immediately. Your crops will be safe from the monsters that appear at night, but bring all animals (including your pets!) in at once.

    At the start of the game you can customize your character’s name, appearance, gender, etc. What they like, dislike, their favorite thing… All characters have boxes that appear when they talk to show their face/appearance, though your character doesn’t. This is because you can change your character’s appearance it’d be difficult to keep up with how many times the box should look.

    You can befriend monsters, kill them, tame them and raise them on your farm. You can butcher your animals (optional), you can eventually get married (same sex marriage is available as well), explore the island (its’ a big island) fight in dungeons, get magic power ups, follow the path of good or evil. The game has options, which aside from farming is really what I want focused on the game’s ‘mechanics’.

    You can turn your farm into an orchard, a winery, a meadow, overrun it with animals or be a monster rancher! Collect dinosaur eggs in the mines and hatch baby dinos, explore the island and go deep into the volcano mines, winter mines, or the beach caves and get various experience points for slaying monsters. Join the adventure guild and sell loot, befriend people on the island and in towns, go to the mainland and explore the city…

    Pacifist or just kill everything. Also safe options for vegans/vegetarians who don’t want to butcher their animals and just want to grow a vegetable farm. Plenty of candidates for marriage including ‘special’ supernatural bachelors/bachelorettes that can take some extra time to woo.

    No time limit, play as long as you like!

    Would anyone be interested in a game like this? I’d like it to be as varied as possible so people won’t get bored even if they’re on like, year 20. I notice that’s a problem with people who have been playing Stardew Valley. SV is a great game, but I want more variety. I’ve heard people have talks about adding an entirely new town, but at that point I just ask… Why not just make a new game that’s like SV?

    What do you think?

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